GHS Labels

If you need to ship chemicals or hazardous materials, your shipments must meet several different mandatory safety regulations. To ensure these shipments of hazardous materials reach each destination safely and easily, they must be compliant with the Global Harmonized System (GHS) and feature the correct GHS compliant labels. GHS labels are intended to enhance environmental protection, protect public health, and reduce trade barriers by communicating critical information on product labels and safety data sheets for hazardous substances.

MSDS is proud to offer GHS labels that meet or exceed OSHA GHS Label compliance requirements. With over 27 years of experience, we are ready to offer your company the GHS solutions that will fit your budget and specific needs.

To learn more about GHS and how MSDS can offer your company the individualized GHS label solutions it requires, please contact MSDS Authoring Services.

See here for a GHS label example of a Milkstone Remover, product code: ng-MSR1.